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Elevate the charm of Cold Spring Park Historic District with Elite Lawncare and Fence, where historic elegance meets modern fencing solutions.


With years of experience and a deep commitment to craftsmanship and quality, we specialize in creating fences that not only enhance security and privacy but also complement the unique architectural heritage of your homes and businesses. Our services range from custom design installations to meticulous repairs, all tailored to meet the specific needs and aesthetics of the Cold Spring Park community.

"In every fence we craft for the Cold Spring Park Historic District, we embed a piece of its rich history and our unwavering dedication to excellence. Our aim is not just to build fences, but to forge lasting legacies that resonate with the timeless elegance of Hendersonville"
Jonathan Conley Tyler Bamks

What Our Customers Say

Discover why our clients in Cold Spring Park Historic District, Hendersonville, NC, sing praises about our top-notch fencing solutions. Their satisfaction speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence.

Greg Morrison
Greg Morrison
Elite Lawn Care and Fence are the best! They take care of my lawn on half an acre weekly and they built me an amazing deck off the back of my house! I could not be more happy and would recommend them to anyone! Thanks again guys!
Heather Caldwell
Heather Caldwell
A large part of my wooden fence was down which is a big inconvenience when you have a large, young dog. Tyler came out that very day, gave me a quote and worked with me on price and even came up with a creative way to get price in my budget. He was out the next day and had it done before I got home from work. I wish every one I did business with made things this easy! Highly recommend.
Ram Fam DIY
Ram Fam DIY
This is a great company. They responded quickly and had my fence up and completed very quickly. They were very professional and worked all day during some of the hottest temperatures. The job site was always left clean. They made a promise and then delivered on it.
Matt Pazoles
Matt Pazoles
Quality job, and great to work with, very patient and flexible with my schedule. Would definitely hire again!
Great price, excellent quality fence. Installation was quick and professional. Couldn't ask for a better result.
Josh Woody
Josh Woody
These guys did a great job on our chain link fence. Everything looks awesome and symmetrical. Exactly the way we wanted it. Truly outstanding, & great pricing too. 👍👍
Ang Evans
Ang Evans
I love when I manage to snag working with a professional. Jon took excellent care of my needs and my fenced yard looks amazing! I can't wait to work with them in the future.
Kelly Squatrito
Kelly Squatrito
Very professional, friendly and communicated throughout the process. Would use again!

Featured Projects

Explore our portfolio of standout fencing projects—each a testament to Elite Lawncare and Fence LLC’s unmatched craftsmanship and transformative touch in Cold Spring Park Historic District, Hendersonville, NC,.

Why Choose Us For Your Fencing Needs?

Tailored to Historic Elegance

Our services are specifically tailored to honor the historical significance and architectural beauty of the Cold Spring Park Historic District, ensuring that every fence installation or repair complements its surroundings.

Unmatched Craftsmanship and Quality

We pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials, ensuring that every fence is not only durable but also a testament to aesthetic excellence.

Personalized, Local Service

As local experts in Hendersonville, we offer personalized service that understands and caters to the unique needs of the Cold Spring Park Historic District community, ensuring satisfaction for both residential and commercial clients.

Services We Offer

privacy fence installation in cold spring park historic district hendersonville nc
Privacy Fence Installation offers solitude and security tailored for the Cold Spring Park area. We understand the need for privacy in this historic district and respond with fences that not only secure your space but also resonate with the area’s aesthetic values.
Our Aluminum Fence Installation is ideal for the varied weather of Cold Spring Park. Aluminum is resistant to rust and decay, making it a perfect choice for the local climate, and our expert installation ensures longevity and elegance.
aluminum fence installation in cold spring park historic district hendersonville nc
vinyl fence installation in cold spring park historic district hendersonville nc
Vinyl Fence Installation in Cold Spring Park offers a durable, low-maintenance solution to the common problem of weather wear. Our high-quality vinyl fencing withstands local weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting, attractive boundary for your property.
Wood Fence Installation is a classic choice that complements the historic charm of Cold Spring Park. We use treated, high-quality wood to address issues of durability and maintenance, providing fences that are both beautiful and long-lasting.
wood fence installation in cold spring park historic district hendersonville nc
chain link fence installation in cold spring park historic district hendersonville nc
Chain Link Fence Installation provides a balance of security and visibility. This solution is ideal for those in Cold Spring Park looking for a durable, cost-effective fencing option that does not compromise on the integrity of the site.
Pool Fence Installation in Cold Spring Park is not just about safety; it’s about blending with the historic backdrop. Our fences provide the necessary security for pool areas while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your property.
pool fence installation in cold spring park historic district hendersonville nc
custom gates in cold spring park historic district hendersonville nc
Our Custom Gates service in Cold Spring Park offers unique, personalized gate designs that complement your fencing. We understand the importance of a gate that not only secures but also enhances the entrance to your historic property.
Fence Repair in Cold Spring Park is essential for maintaining the historic character of your property. We address common issues like wear and tear with expertise, restoring the beauty and functionality of your fence while preserving its historical value.
fence repair in cold spring park historic district hendersonville nc
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Our Process: Seamless Procedure

Consultation and Design

In this initial phase, we collaborate with you to understand your unique vision and fencing needs for your Cold Spring Park property. Our design experts create a plan that respects the historic charm of the area while delivering the functionality and aesthetics you desire.

Precision Installation

Our skilled team takes your approved design and brings it to life with precise installation. We pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the fencing not only enhances your property but also aligns with the architectural heritage of Cold Spring Park.

Quality Assurance and Satisfaction

We conclude our process with thorough quality checks to guarantee that your fence meets our high standards. We believe in exceeding your expectations, and your satisfaction with the final result is our ultimate goal.


We recommend wood or vinyl fences, as they can be customized to match the historic charm of Cold Spring Park while providing durability.
The duration varies based on the complexity and size of the project. We aim for efficient installations while maintaining quality standards.
Yes, we provide maintenance and repair services to ensure that your historic fence remains in excellent condition, preserving its value and aesthetics.
Yes, we are well-versed in local regulations and ensure that our fence installations respect and comply with the historical integrity of Cold Spring Park.
Certainly, we have successfully completed numerous historical fencing projects in Cold Spring Park. Contact us for references and to view our portfolio.

Discover the Elegance of Fencing in Cold Spring Park Historic District, Hendersonville

Nestled in the heart of Hendersonville, the Cold Spring Park Historic District exudes timeless charm, making it an ideal canvas for Elite Lawncare and Fence, your premier fence contractor in Cold Spring Park Historic District. This historic gem boasts architectural wonders that have withstood the test of time, from the grandeur of the Henderson County Courthouse to the serenity of Patton Park. Its coordinates at 35.3137° N, 82.4591° W mark the heart of this captivating district, home to approximately 800 residents who cherish its rich heritage.

Our expertise in fencing is a perfect match for the distinctive character of Cold Spring Park. We understand that this historic district requires fencing solutions that not only secure but also elevate the aesthetics of its homes and businesses. Our commitment to preserving the historical essence is evident in every project we undertake.

One of the unique challenges in this area is the climate, with its warm summers and crisp winters. We tailor our fencing solutions to withstand these weather variations, ensuring longevity and elegance.

Elite Lawncare and Fence proudly complies with local regulations that respect the district’s historical integrity. Our fences blend seamlessly with the architecture, from charming government buildings to the lush greenery of local parks.

In our pursuit of sustainability, we employ eco-friendly initiatives such as using recycled materials and sustainable construction methods. Our dedication to an eco-conscious community aligns perfectly with Cold Spring Park’s values.

From Hyman Heights to West Henderson High, we serve every neighborhood in this historic district, crafting elegant fences that resonate with their individual character.

We invite you to engage with our business and experience the beauty and security of our tailored fencing solutions in the unique context of Cold Spring Park Historic District, where history meets modernity. Your dream fence is just a call away, waiting to enhance the elegance of this remarkable location.

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