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How A Fence Can Increase Your Rental Property’s Value And Appeal

Depending on their design, they can provide additional security to your rental property beyond that provided by locks and alarms systems....
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The addition of a fence can significantly increase the value of a rental property. Property owners and real estate investors know that fences are a good way to improve curb appeal, add security, and increase the overall value of a home, but they might not know how else this simple addition can help their investment. This article will talk about how putting up a good fence around a rental property can make it more valuable and appealing to both tenants and potential buyers.

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Definition Of A Fence

A fence is an important and often overlooked element of a property. It can serve multiple purposes, both aesthetic and practical. By definition, a fence is “a barrier or enclosure made from posts connected by boards, wire, or rails” (Oxford Dictionary). Fencing terminology includes several components such as panels, posts, gates, pickets, and more. The type of material used for the fencing also varies depending on its purpose; wood is commonly used for privacy fences, while chain-link or wrought iron may be chosen for security reasons.

Fences come in various forms and styles to suit different needs. Whether it's a small decorative picket fence around a garden bed or tall wooden slats surrounding the entire perimeter of the property—the choice depends on the desired outcome. Depending on their design, they can provide additional security to your rental property beyond that provided by locks and alarms systems. They can also enhance its exterior appearance if designed with matching materials and colors that complement the existing architecture well. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they add value to your rental through increased safety measures against intruders.

Benefits Of Installing A Fence Around Your Property

Investing in a fence for your rental property is an excellent decision that can bring numerous benefits. Installing a fence around your property provides improved security, increased privacy, and can significantly boost the overall curb appeal of the area. Additionally, it adds to the value of your rental property over time.

The added layer of protection provided by fencing highlights how much you care about tenant safety. This concept alone will attract more tenants and make them feel secure at all times while living on your property. Plus, with a private outside space enclosed by a fence or wall, tenants are able to enjoy their outdoor activities without worrying about intruders or nosy neighbours disrupting their peace and comfort level. Furthermore, potential buyers might be willing to pay extra if they know they’re getting an attractive fenced-in yard as part of the deal. Ultimately this makes investing in a good quality fence worth every penny spent when it comes to increasing the value of your rental property and improving its marketability.

Types Of Fences To Consider

Once you’ve decided to install a fence around your property, it’s important to consider the types of fences available. There are many different options depending on how much money and time you want to put into installing a fence that will increase the value and appeal of your rental property.

Wood Fences: Wood is one of the most common materials used for fencing because it is relatively inexpensive compared to other materials such as aluminum or wrought iron. It can also be stained in any color desired, making it an attractive option that adds both aesthetic and security benefits. Additionally, wood can easily be repaired if damaged over time due to weathering or vandalism.

Chain Link Fences: Chain link fences are among the least expensive options when considering types of fences for your rental property but provides great durability against harsh climates and potential intruders alike. With galvanized steel wire mesh construction, chain link fences require little maintenance once installed and provide plenty of protection from unwanted visitors while allowing visibility within the premises.

Aluminum Fences: Aluminum fencing offers long-term savings with its low cost upfront installation fees and minimal upkeep requirements. While it does not offer as much privacy or security as wooden or wrought iron fencing, aluminum requires less maintenance than either of these two materials due to its corrosion resistance properties which makes it ideal for coastal areas where saltwater tends to corrode metals faster than usual.

Vinyl Fences: Vinyl fencing is quickly becoming popular due to its ease of installation, affordability, and low maintenance needs. This type of material comes in various colors and styles so you can find something that fits your budget while still providing enough protection from trespassers without sacrificing curb appeal. Additionally, vinyl fences do not warp or rot like wood since they are made with recycled plastic material instead of natural timber cuts making them more durable overall even though they may be slightly pricier than some other options out there today.

Wrought Iron Fences: Wrought iron is by far one of the strongest types of fencing materials out there offering maximum security at a premium price tag given their intricate designs created through forging techniques passed down generations before us (which raises their cost). 

How A Fence Can Increase Your Rental Property's Value And Appeal

How A Fence Affects The Value Of Your Property

It’s no secret that fencing has been known to add value to any property. Installing a fence can be an investment in itself, and it is one of the most effective ways to increase rental value and appeal for your property. There are several types of fences available, ranging from wood or vinyl panels, picket styles, chain link, wrought iron, and even electric options–all with varying costs depending on materials and installation.

When considering whether to install a fence around your rental property, there are more than just financial factors involved. Aesthetics and appeal must also be taken into account when choosing the best style for your needs. It is important to consider how the aesthetics will influence potential renters’ decisions about renting out your space.


Aesthetics And Appeal Factors To Consider

When considering how to increase the value and appeal of your rental property, aesthetics should be a top priority. Aesthetic appeal not only has an immediate visual effect that can attract potential tenants, but it also has long-term effects that can make a building more marketable and improve its curb appeal. To achieve maximum aesthetic benefit from installing a fence, consider all design elements such as color, size, materials used, and overall style carefully.

In addition to simply making the property more attractive, there are other ways in which adding a fence increases its aesthetic appeal. Fences offer privacy by blocking off neighboring properties or noisy roads; they act as a protective barrier against intruders; and they frame the surrounding landscape nicely with their vertical lines. Furthermore, if the fencing is designed correctly, it can make the whole area look larger than it actually is. All these factors contribute towards giving your rentable space greater property appeal – something that will pay off handsomely in terms of both present day tenant satisfaction and future profit returns.


Cost Factors To Consider

It is estimated that property owners who install fences in their rental properties may see a return on investment of up to 150 percent. This means that for every dollar spent, two dollars are gained through increased value and appeal. However, there are many cost factors to consider when it comes to installing a fence around your rental property. These include the costs of materials, installation labor costs, maintenance costs, cost of legal compliance, and the price of different fencing types.

When thinking about material costs, it’s important to consider how much you will need per linear foot of fence being installed as well as any additional tools or hardware needed for installation. Installation labor also needs to be taken into account; this includes both DIY options with friends or family members and professional installation services offered by contractors in your area. Maintenance costs should not be overlooked either since they can add up over time if regular upkeep isn’t done regularly. Additionally, certain laws must be followed when installing a fence on rented property so the associated legal fees need to be factored into the overall budget too. Lastly, numerous fencing types exist each with its own range of prices which could vary depending on their size and quality standards. Therefore researching these various options is essential before making a decision based solely on price alone.


DIY or Professional Installation

When it comes to installing a fence at your rental property, you have two options: DIY installation or professional installation. Though many landlords opt for the former due to its lower cost and convenience, there are several advantages to hiring a professional. Professionals can ensure that the correct materials are used and installed correctly which can increase the value of your property. Additionally, not having to worry about doing the work yourself allows you to focus on other aspects of running your business.

On the other hand, opting for DIY installation does offer some benefits as well. It is significantly cheaper than hiring a professional and gives you greater control over design and customization of the project. Plus, if done properly with quality materials, a DIY job can still provide great results in terms of both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Ultimately, choosing between these two options depends on budget and time constraints as well as personal preference; however, regardless of which option is chosen, it’s important to keep in mind that proper maintenance is key to preserving long-term value. Moving forward into this next section we will discuss maintenance requirements associated with fences.

Maintenance Requirements

A fence adds appeal and value to rental properties, but it also requires maintenance. Fence maintenance should be treated as an investment in the future of a property. Regularly inspecting the fence for damage or decay, cleaning it when necessary, repairing any broken components, and painting or staining if desired can all help to ensure that the fence looks its best and is structurally sound.

In addition to performing regular inspections and cleaning, homeowners may need to repair sections of fencing due to weathering or age-related issues. Fencing materials such as wood, vinyl and metal are all susceptible to wear over time. If repairs cannot be made with existing material, replacement might be necessary. Homeowners should consult with a professional if they are unsure about how to proceed with repairs or replacements. Taking proper care of one’s fences will not only preserve their aesthetic look and functionality but also extend their lifespan significantly.

The legal considerations related to installing fences on rental properties must also be taken into account before beginning any work on them.

Legal Issues To Consider

When considering the installation of a fence for your rental property, it is critical to take into account any legal requirements or restrictions that may be applicable. Property regulations and fencing ordinances vary from state to state, so ensuring compliance with local laws should always be the first step in making an informed decision about adding a fence. Furthermore, zoning regulations must also be taken into consideration before beginning construction on such a project.

It is important to understand all relevant rental and housing laws when exploring this option for increasing your property’s value and appeal. While many states have enacted legislation protecting tenants’ rights regarding fences, some require landlords to obtain consent from their renters prior to installing one. It is essential to review all statutory guidelines before moving forward with any major changes as non-compliance could lead to expensive fines and other liabilities.

Making the right choice for your property involves carefully weighing these considerations against potential benefits that can come from installing a fence. Understanding how local rules might affect you will ensure that you are prepared if any conflicts arise down the road. Additionally, being aware of tenant rights ensures that everyone involved understands their responsibilities clearly while avoiding costly penalties due to violations of applicable statutes.

Making The Right Choice For Your Property

Choosing the right fence for your rental property is essential to increasing its appeal and value. It’s important to select a type that meets local regulations, suits the environment, and offers privacy and security. Proper installation of the correct materials also helps ensure longevity and durability.

When selecting a fence, examine what kind may be best suited to meet current zoning laws in your area. Depending on where you live, certain types are more permissible than others, such as vinyl or chain-link vs wood or wrought iron. Additionally, evaluate how well it will fit into the landscape and surrounding buildings – this could mean the difference between an eyesore or attractive addition to the neighborhood. For example, if there are existing wooden fences nearby, opt for something similar. If not, consider metal alternatives which can still provide adequate privacy but won’t clash with other designs.

Consider both functionality and aesthetics when making a selection – factors such as height should factor into your decision as they affect visibility and safety levels around your rental property. The ideal choice is one that blends form with function while making sure all necessary requirements have been met while allowing you to maximize potential return on investment from increased value objectives.


Adding a fence to your rental property can be a great way to increase the value and attract more potential tenants. Not only can a fence provide security and privacy, but it can also boost curb appeal and add to the aesthetic of your property. At Elite Lawn Care and Fence, we can provide you with the perfect fence solution for your rental property. We offer high-quality fences that are built to last and can be customized to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful wrought iron fence, a privacy fence, or something else, Elite Lawn Care and Fence has the perfect option for you. Contact us today and let us help you make your rental property stand out from the rest.

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